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“In 61 Central, Ink explores an old Central Pennsylvania coal
town turned ghost town by a man-made environmental disaster
and the highway that runs through it. Using language that’s both
concise and cinematic, he at times evokes the suspense of Steven
Spielberg’s classic film debut Duel and Muriel Rukeyser’s poetic
document of environmental disaster, The Book of the Dead. He
empathizes with what was and what remains, while his description
of the all consuming eternal inferno that rages just below the
surface is chilling.”

–Tony Gruenewald, Poet, The Secret History of New Jersey

“61 Central makes interesting work of winter—how gentle
weather casts a devastated and haunting terrain, due mostly to the
human impact within that landscape. Ink frames a reality not for
fallen snow, but it’s aftermath. This is why we yearn for warmer

–Patrick Boyle, Features Editor, The Rumpus

“In 61 Central “this much is obvious: no-one is home.” An empty
town, like absence, has “no vocabulary,” yet Ink’s poetry outlines
the shapes of ghosts. The concrete of empty houses turns to
“bones” and abandoned couches become “almost-alters.” This
collection beautifully leads us through an abandoned town evoking
an ache and yearning for all those we will never know.”

–Nicelle Davis, Poet, In the Circus of You, The Walled Wife
Available via Finishing Line Press