With a fiendish addiction to all things caffeinated and a thorough knowledge of how to
waste time, Ink publishes intermittently in online and print-based literary journals
worldwide. His early word fervor produced five chapbooks as well as one complete
Miserable with Fire. Ink currently freelances as an editor for Piscataway House
Publications, which published him in a modern haiku/senryu collaboration,
5, 7, then 5…,
and released his latest collection,
Death Loves a Drinking Game, as part of their Duel Book
Series. Ink’s current project is the new-and-collected compilation,
delInkuencies: legacies,
corruptions, and future shame
. Find out more at inksblot.com.
Ink's Official Bio - (too) Long
Attention journal/magazine publishers:
Please feel free to pick & choose whatever content from whichever version to fit your needs, but please include the website address.
Thanks for choosing my poems for inclusion within your magazine, and most of all thanks for keeping poetry alive.
- - - Ink - - -
Ink's Official Bio - Short
Ink is a Central New Jersey author who appears irregularly and without warning in various spots
throughout the NY/NJ/PA area and even more sporadically in literary journals and magazines
throughout the world. If what you've read so far has ignited an interest in a bio, check out more
of his work online at inksblot.com for information on his books
, poems, and appearances.
Afterthoughts (Canada)
Pennine Ink (UK)
Pulsar (UK)
Domestic (U.S.A.)
Edison Literary Review
The Fictodium
The Idiom
Journal of New Jersey Poets
Mad Poets Review
U.S.1 Newspaper
Publication Credits:
Clitorature (defunct)
Free Zone Quarterly (defunct)
Shot Glass Journal