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Back in April 2011, six poets from the Central
Jersey art scene got together to compile a
bunch of syllables into a book. After a year of
meditations to get in touch with nature, slam
battles of insulting mean-ku, and copious
amounts of black coffee in late night Jersey
diners, this collaboration of haiku finally
unveiled itself in this collection you see before
you now. Featuring the words of Jason Portizo,
Josh "Dogmatic" Matson, Anthony
Defabritus, Andrew "Ink" Feindt, Heidi
Moon, and Keith Baird. (
via CreateSpace.com)
The fine folks over at Piscataway
House Publications, in a sublime
error of judgement, have released
my sixth collection,
Death Loves a
Drinking Game
, as part of their
Duel Book series. For the modest
price of one book, you now get
TWO! Keith Baird's "Before I Die I
Want to Swim with Sharks" is my
better half in this venture. Go ahead
and click the cover over there to the
left to read some sample poems from
my half and then go purchase
yourself a copy to read Mr. Baird's
most excellent poems and stories!
Miserable with Fire, my fifth collection
of poetry, was collected during lags in
what felt an oppressive, 4-year long
episode of writer's block. Poems
comprising this volume concern
themselves with the inability to fulfill a
driving passion or realize my own
raison d'etre as well as the efforts and
triumphs involved with and resulting
from overcoming such obstacles.
Check out some samples and then
order yourself a copy or pick one up
from me in person at any reading!
All good things must come to an end, and thankfully the same goes for horrible things as well. While I was and
continue to be very happy with some of the material in my older chapbooks, I feel a certain responsibility for the
poems I proffer the general public. Thus the above chapbooks will no longer be available. On the bright side, the
better poems and revisions might just make their way into a bright and shiny new and collected collection.
January 2018
Inspired by a trip to a small town
revoked of its own zip code for its
uninhabitable environment, the
61 Central is a collection of
poems written largely as observational
narrative. The anti-pastoral ambiance
and enigmatic formatting lend to a
horror dreamscape of corners to peek
out from and trails in the snow that
seem retread by your own shoes for
the first time. Coming soon!

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