Drinking Coke & Smoke
with Beer on the Table
At fifty-four pages long, "Drinking Coke and Smoke with Beer on the Table" is a saddle-stapled
piece of heaven with cardstock cover (so you know you're not dealing with St. Peter) available for
$2.50!!!!  You can read some of the 50+ poems that comprise Ink's first (formal) collection by
clicking the samples below or CLICKING HERE to
hear more.

I know, I know...you're asking yourself this very moment, "Hey disembodied voice, how do
I get one
of those books."  The answer is simple really.  Either
email me or catch me at a reading.  Buy 3!  6!  
You know all your extended family would love a copy.
*Samples:      Answers  ---  Clarissa's Ship  ---  Stardust and Mangoes  ---  Tease
* Samples are taken from existing files and may not represent the printed versions of the poems
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