People, places, and other things I enjoy.
Websites for Poetry
Clitorature - A tumblr-based zine for "Original poetry, short prose, humor and art with an erotic or intellectual theme."

The Idiom - Support a local rag!  The Idiom is a self-published/printed, free, NJ-based journal featuring local poets with amazing talent.  You can also
buy their first and second anthologies by going
here and here (respectively) to be all philanthropic.

Tony Gruenewald - One of the NJ  poets who taught my poetry how to love and laugh.

Jamie Kilstein - A poet on a mission to edify/enlighten the non-liberal populous as to the self-defeating nature of right-wing thought, this stand-up
comic-turned-poet blends political satire, humour, and a tongue that can pierce steel, hearts, and minds.

The Loser Slam Team - A group of very talented poets near the Jersey shore.  Some of my favourite members include (in no particular order) Nicole
Homer, Chad Anderson, Chris Rockwell, and Connor Dooley.  All are adept at slinging words in manners most enthralling and insightful.  
Poems-within-poems are a speciality of this group.

Poetry - Monthly literary publication that has published poems from past, present, and future greats. - A resource for bibliographic information about past and contemporary poets.

Seventeen Syllables of Loathing - A blog dedicated to venting about everyday idiocies via haiku and senryu.

Shot Glass Journal - An online journal, published by Muse Pie Press, dedicated to short poetry (10 lines or less each).

J Simone - Among other titles, she was host of the Soul Cypher Poetry Slam, where I first heard her tongue-in-cheek and not-so-tongue-in-cheek
poems on everything defying popular thought.  As brilliant as her words are sexy!

Tuck Magazine - A zine updated monthly with interviews, poetry, reviews, and fiction.

Walking English - A group of highly talented poets from the NJ shore area.

Z-composition - A bi-monthly literary e-zine and print anthology that publishes "obscure mischief, necro-style, organic phenomenon, decay and
fragmentation of reanimation, sci-fi, dream like, fantasy, horror, thriller, dark, comedy/humorous" content.
Twitter Accounts
Twitter has given rise to as much amusing babble as it has opportunities to keep informed with news from all kinds of sources. Below are accounts
which I follow for news and entertainment regarding poetry and poets. Even if you don't want to sign up for twitter, you can still go to the pages and
bookmark them:
J Simone - @jsimonespeaks
Justin Woo - @justinwooartist
Nicole Homer - @realnicolehomer
Connor Dooley - @DooleyConnor
Chris Rockwell - @MrChrisRockwell
Ray Brown - @poetbrown
Kara Swisher - @punkkat64
Chris McIntyre - @cmac3600
Maggie "Danger" Brown - @dangeresque3
Greg Murray - @PoeticSuperman
Don Share - @Don_Share
Joshua Ballard - @Josh_ooh_ahh
Mark Antony Owen - @MarkAntonyOwen
Keith Baird - @dinerhaikus & @CatsCradle162
Larry Lawrence - @TheAmericanPoet
Saul Williams - @SaulWilliams
Karen Finneyfrock - @finneyfrock
Mark Brunetti - @TheIdiomMag
Poetry Journals/Organizations
Loser Slam - @LoserSlam
Shore Points Press - @ShorePtsPress
THEthe Poetry - @thethepoetry
La Petite Zine - @lapetitezine
Poetry London - @Poetry_London
Poetry Library - @WetBlackBough
Wisconsin Review - @wisc_rev
Scottish Poetry Library - @ByLeavesWeLive
Slam Whale - @SlamWhale
Poetry Magazine - @poetrymagazine
Salt Publishing - @saltpublishing
G. R. Dodge Poetry Festival - @DodgePoetryFest
Write Bloody Publishing - @writebloody
NY Review of Books - @nybooks
LA Times Books - @latimesbooks
Poetry Foundation - @PoetryFound
The Paris Review - @parisreview
New York Times Books - nytimesbooks
Tuck Magazine - @tuckmagazine