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Derailed By the Northeast Corridor (text)
Apology Written in Shit (
text - audio)
Spring Mantra (
text - audio)
Postcard from Over the Edge (
text - audio)
Hand Over Heart (
sink or swim, A battle (
text - audio)

* Samples are taken from existing files and may not represent the finished version.
Post-publication acknowledgements:
"a poem starting with a Louise Gluck line" appeared in
Shot Glass Journal.
"Derailed by the Northeast Corridor" appeared in
U.S. 1 Newspaper.
It took four years to collect the material within Miserable
with Fire
.  However unbearable that wait was, it led not only
to the concept and title of said tome but to some of the best
damned poems yet to leak out of Ink's pen.  So, unless
you're one of the lucky few to encounter the
Copies, go ahead, check out some samples and then buy a
copy for yourself and five of your best friends.  Heck, don't
enemies deserve some love, too? The cost is only $8 for 106
pages of poems that will make you laugh, cringe, and ponder.