For better or worse, there used to be a lot more Ink here. I've been pretty open by posting the
rough drafts and early editions of some poems, but I want to put forward a finer shoe with my
latest word stuffs.

A bit of an apology for my youthful haste,
delInkuencies: legacies, corruptions, & future shame is a
new and collected (of sorts) that proffers substantial revisions of previously penned poems in
addition to new pieces. I'll post select before and after examples here so you can see the changes.

Because these will be from a forthcoming book, and I aim to seek publication for at least a few of
them, new and revised pieces alike will only appear one at a time for a short period. Each will be
accompanied by an explanation of either meaning, revisionist intent, or both. Enjoy!
Poems will appear soon. I promise.

In the meantime,
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