Editing is a time-intensive process. Projects are taken based on merit/interest, and
turnaround depends on how much work is required. While I am more than happy to
devote my time, effort, and talent to your project, I'm not willing to do so for free.

While some editors offer several pricing tiers, starting at spelling and grammar
correction and going up to fact checking and marketing assessments, I am incapable of
reading something without making notes on absolutely everything. This process
certainly does not hasten my work, but the fine attention paid to all the details ensures
a fantastic end product. Whether it's poetry, essays, fiction, or Web content, I give
your work the attention it deserves and make sure it says what you intended it to in
the best way possible.

A three-page sample edit is complementary, and a contract is required. Upon
completion of the edit, the writer receives a printed copy marked up in traditional red
ink. (Coffee rings are likely and should be taken as a mark of authenticity.) If the
manuscript is submitted digitally, the author also receives a Word doc complete with
tracked changes.
  • Flat rate: $20/hour
  • Deadline of less than two weeks? Add $300.
  • Abnormally high line editing requirements (assessed during the
    complementary sample edit) 1.5X the flat rate.
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