Editing is a two part process. Both the content of the material and
the grammar need to be considered and in order for that to be done
efficiently it needs to be looked over two, three, sometimes four

Andrew Feindt takes this type of time and care in all of the projects
he has worked on with me. He has been an essential part in the
editing and analysis of the books that have been published through
Piscataway House Publications. Our subject matter and material has
a pretty broad range from abstract poetry that questions the best
way to communicate itself to the reader to prose novels with
experimental run-on sentences which challenge all rules of grammar
to formal proposals and essays which contain the traditional aspects
of a well-written article or essay.

Andrew is very easy to work with, reliable, open to ideas and
suggestions to his edits, and able to recognize the writer’s motives
and purpose through their writing.  These are essential traits that I
look for in an editor which help make the process of publishing a
book go as smoothly as possible.

---Mark Baird, Publisher, Piscataway House Publications---
Andrew first worked on a self-published chapbook of mine. It was a
small work, no more than forty pages. At the time, I thought I needed
it for a national competition and I need to go to print in 5 days. In
those five days, Andrew returned a user-friendly, four time edited
work back to me, and it led to a wonderful book. My other two three
editors did not get back to me for up to two months.

Andrew's second, and most recent, time editing for me was for a 130
page book of poetry, prose, and short essays published by New
Jersey based "Piscataway House Publications". Andrew was
thorough, personable, dependable, and immensely helpful in his first
attempt, leading me to drop the other three editors and work solely
with him.

The book, "i keep going", is out now on Amazon and on tour (as of
01/17/13) with me and is selling well. In part, it is the quality of his
work which leads me to proudly parade this book through cities and
towns all over the US Map.

Andrew is worthy, to say the least, of your work.

Be assured of his service, and be proud of your work.

---Joshua Ballard, Author---
Andrew's attention to detail with both nuances in content editing and
finer, deeper looks at copy editing, transformed my book(s). The
before and after was extraordinary. I'll say this, too, working with an
editor with this level of care and unshakeable commitment not only
made for better stand alone manuscripts (the novels
F 250, and
Tollbooth) but as a writer, I learned things that redefined how I
thought about language and its place within creative writing. As a
person who never attended a creative writing class, collegiate or
MFA, I consider my close work with Andrew to be a bright spot light
of instruction. I cannot recommend Andrew high enough for both the
novice or the professional looking to strengthen their work.

---Bud Smith, Author---